Monday, June 25, 2007

6/25/07 Monday Migraine, with a twist

Major migraine today, again. But this time, with so much stomach upset that I didn't want to take the full dosage of Imitrex. Add to that exhaustion, achiness and a 101 temp. I am seriously hating life right now. Lucky me, I get to spend a crucial child-free day tomorrow in bed.

Thank goodness everyone napped this afternoon at the same time, or I'd have been a goner. When Katrina woke up, I checked on Julian, only to find him sitting in his room, clutching Julius the monkey, coloring quietly in his new coloring book. Love floods for my sweet middleborn.

This message brought to you courtesy of a baby who's been sitting and playing with her brothers' gear toys for no less than 40 minutes. As soon as she goes to bed, so will I. Maybe then the sledgehammers crushing my skull will stop.


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