Thursday, June 28, 2007

6/28/07 Bonne Maman arrives!

Spent all day running around frantically, shopping, cleaning up, preparing. This included some unexpected, but long, long overdue home improvement. Why I waited over 7 years before getting a paper towel holder that doesn't fall down all the time is beyond me.

Grrrh. Last week, our G.C.'s tile contractor and I haggled on the phone about when he'd come here to investigate the leak from our new bathroom, one that's resulted in a foot-square hole in the downstairs ceiling. Thursday, today, was the only day we could find a time that worked for both of us. Despite family arrivals today, I agreed only because he said "First thing -- 8am, OK?" First thing. His words. First thing, 8am. No mean feat with three young children, but we were ready at 8am. First thing.

So, at 8:45am, no tile contractor. That also meant, no nap, no making phone calls, no going out shopping, no getting involved in any uninterruptable task while waiting -- a lot to ask during child-free time.

I called him, containing my irritation.

"Where are you?"
"Umm, Marin County," he answered. (Marin freakin' County?!)
"You were supposed to be here at 8am!"
"I'm travelling down to the Peninsula now, I'll probably get around there around..."
"When did you expect to come here today?"
"I was going to call you today to see when you were free."

Oh yeah RIGHT!! Like I'd ever in a million years agree to that!

Translation: "You're a completely insignificant piece of sh*t who I want nothing to do with and who must lie in wait for me and be at the ready when I'm done picking my nose and scratching my ass." ARGH! That's it, from now on, any appointment I make with a contractor will be preceded with a verifying/reminding phone call the day before.

Miraculously, I got the sunroom/closet/guest room together for Mom's arrival tonight, instants before darting out to the airport. Cleaning, sorting, preparing linens, lights, getting shelves in place. I don't know what I'd have done if her flight hadn't been delayed. Well, yes I do. The piles wouldn't be as neat, but I'd still have been on time to pick her up, ready or not.

I'll bet contractors are never, ever asked to pick up people at airports.


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