Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6/27/07 Katrina claps

Katrina has a new trick: clapping her hands together. And really clapping, like, applause!

Naturally, this feat delights her to no end. But no one moreso than her brothers, who are absolutely thrilled that she joins in a clapping game (a little too thrilled -- they can get very carried away and it quickly turns annoying).

She's also really, really working on crawling. Mostly, she slides backward on her rear end, but she's juuust starting to rock, just starting to look like she's working on getting to all fours, and is really reaching out to get things. This results in more than a few face-plants, but such is an occupational hazard of babyhood.

She had a grand time playing with this adorable smiley baby in the mirror today.

Watch out brothers -- you'd better listen to Mom and not leave stuff lying around, 'cause grabby-baby-paws are on their way! She's sneaking up!

More comments today at swim class about the red hair. When wet in the sunlight, it really does look reddish. Not so much indoors though.

Is it encoded in contractors' DNA not to inform people of upcoming plans until the last minute? About the last thing I need in life is a phone call "guess what! we're coming today!" at 8:15am, when Gabriel has to get to Collins CDC by 8:30am for a field trip and I'm packing his lunch, Katrina needs breakfast, and Julian is kicking his pee-soaked Pull-Up to the ceiling. And then have him arrive right as I need to pack everyone up to leave for swim class. It's not fair to our contractor's main #1 carpenter either, who is a really, really good guy and I want to make his job as easy as possible. But I need a little notice to make sure his path is free of pee-soaked Pull-Ups.

Tomorrow night, I pick up Bonne Maman from the airport! Wouldn't it be an astounding treat if she sees Katrina's first crawling steps!


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