Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Julian's stats

My miserable Monday was so consumed with minute-by-minute survival that I forgot to mention that Julian's 3-1/2 year old appointment was that day. Perhaps the fact that I had to bring Gabriel too, and it was smack dab at baby's naptime, added to the forgettableness of it all.

But then, there's Julian. Healthy as a little horse. Good eyesight, good motor skills, good cognitive/language/social skills, nothing obviously wrong.

His stats:

Height: 38" (40 %ile, though later amended to "between 25th and 40th")
Weight: 31-1/2 lbs (40 %ile)
BP: 96/54 (taken by the cutest little sleeve!)

I had a Good Mommy Moment when the doc asked about his eating, though really, I can't take too much credit since Julian has always been a very good eater. She asked what he likes for vegetables, and he said "green beans," and for fruit, he said "strawberries." She was very impressed to hear that both boys eat fish, and real fish, not just kid-fish-sticks fish (though they have that too sometimes).

I like boring medical records. Keep it up, Julian!

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