Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7/10/07 Mom's (cookie) night out

Quick one here...fun night out tonight with the 2006 Las Madres group, which I guess I'm going to join! One member was baking custom-shaped cookies for a wedding this coming Saturday, another volunteered her kitchen, and the rest of us were invited to help roll, cut, bake, ice and box. And, of course, yak.

My ulterior motive was to check out Sonia's kitchen, and I wasn't disappointed. Oh my, it was beautiful -- and functional, and new, and just fabulous. I got other good ideas on how to set up our future new space too. I can't wait for that.

I made astounding progress to that end today, talking with and making appointments with two promising architects for next week. This work was only accomplished thanks to a nearly 3-hour nap this morning, essential to combat this ongoing migraine. Nine days and counting, same headache....I can't explain exactly how I know it's the same headache and not a series of separate headaches, but it "feels" like the same one. The nap, and a nice swim afterward, helped keep it at bay today. (But as I type, I can feel the pain building again.)

Gabriel had a great time today in his swim lesson this morning. And, he worked pretty hard! I was glad to see how well he listened and followed instructions, and really tried. But mostly, he seemed like he really enjoyed it, like asking the teacher for more underwater swim time, and doing lots of bouncing around and laughing while he was above water.

He and Julian start August 25th on Saturdays at this swim school, I'm looking forward to that. As for the Saturdays in August before then, today I signed them up for 4 lessons at the CA Sports Center, where I swim. Gabriel was very impressed when I told him the pool was 50 meters long (indeed, most non-swimmer-types haven't ever seen a true competition-sized pool).

I'm sure all my cookie-nibbling tonight wiped out any caloric benefits of my swim today though!


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