Sunday, July 08, 2007

7/8/07 The Playdate

Today the boys came inside from "helping" Dave do yardwork, and each brought me a flower. Well, mostly -- Gabriel amended it to: "half the flower is for you, and half the flower is for Bonne Maman!"

I love it when they give me flowers, and I helped them put the flowers in water and made a big deal of it. (But not too big. I know boys.)

Today Gina came over for a playdate! This was the first time I've ever had a dropoff playdate, and it was as perfect a situation as it could be for that. Dave was home, and we know Gina well, and she and Gabriel play well together.

Well, Gina does, anyway. They did great at first, playing with Gabriel's bicycle, then sidewalk chalk. But then Gabriel started bugging Dave about fixing a train toy, incessantly, ignoring Gina until she found something else to do. Before that, he was being bossy, claiming she couldn't play with something until something else was done, or getting into obnoxious hysterics and bothering Dave, instead of playing with his friend.

Finally, he simply fell asleep, and Gina just went about her business with Play-Doh.

At least Julian joined her for some creative coloring after his nap.

All in all it went well, but Dave and I were disappointed in Gabriel's rude behavior, and talked to him about it later. I don't think he understood. Incredibly, Gina asked Dave on her way home about Gabriel coming over for a playdate!

Dave almost didn't want to drop her off, muttering something about giving away the easiest of the bunch. But then, he's always had special respect for Gina ever since that time she got Gabriel to give up a tricycle by swiping his hat and making him chase her, then doubling back and claiming the tricycle!

Katrina really, really, REALLY wants to crawl, but she still doesn't quite know what to do! Here's one of her better attempts.

She got her first taste of macaroni and cheese tonight, and had the rest of us laughing in stitches. She LOVED it! The look on her face was priceless, downright joyful combined with her near-frantic attempts to reach for the spoon for more. Too bad she had already filled up on yam, zucchini and yogurt first. But just wait until her first birthday when she gets to try frosting!

Woe be me for this headache scourge, as last week's Monday Migraine still hasn't gone away. More Imitrex today helped manage the moment, but it's little more than a band-aid. Better drugs aren't the answer for three reasons: 1) they won't wipe out the entire migraine and all its ill effects (such as waking up in the middle of the night with the pain); 2) the fact that I'm nursing greatly restricts what I can take and 3) all drugs have side-effects. I really want prevention, but that's really a lofty goal for any migraine sufferer. For now, I guess I'll try to remain grateful that I'm not one of those who has to stay in bed for two days with earplugs and eyeshades. If I'm coherent enough to complain this much, then I'm one of the lucky ones.


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