Monday, July 09, 2007

7/9/07 Collateral Damage

One of many downsides to this ongoing headache (8 days and counting) is what a huge waste of time it causes. As soon as Katrina takes a nap, so do I, so I never get anything done that moms can only do while babies nap. On Mondays, this must-nap thing means leaving the boys alone together, though I really don't nap soundly as I'm still on the alert.

But not alert enough to hear Julian and a pair of scissors this morning.

His new 'do is a perfect example of the many indirect consequences of migraine headaches.

He didn't want me to take a picture of him though.

Gabriel engaged in a far more productive endeavor during everyone's afternoon nap, which he was so proud of he wanted me to take a picture. A parking lot, complete with marked stalls, and lanes designated by chairs on the deck. He's still lining up vehicles, just like when he was a toddler.

Ah, childhood, filled with such innocent fun. Like hacking off blocks of hair.

The kids model their new monogrammed towels after Julian's and Katrina's swim lesson today.

Today we registered Gabriel and Julian for Saturday swim lessons at DACA, starting the last week of August. They really don't like the swim classes at the Y -- the water's too cold, the teachers inattentive (Julian spent his whole lesson last week with his goggles in his hand), and from what little Dave can see, the lessons don't involve much more than play. The setup at DACA is really good, and much smaller, and I can see from Gabriel's lessons there that there's a good mixture of play, fun and really learning. But, I do like Water Babies for the younger ones, so I signed Julian and Katrina up again for Mondays. Gabriel will be along for the ride Mondays until he's no longer available because of....kindergarten. Starting next month!!.

Maybe by then Julian's bald spots will have grown out a little.


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Charles said...

i had that same haircut through most of the 1980s. a little mousse and it looks trendy? :D