Thursday, July 12, 2007

7/12/07Sick as a dog

(Where does that expression come from, anyway? Poor dog!)

Day "off" today from kids, but completely wasted with getting really, really sick. Stomach flu-like pain, nausea, temperature, and then to cap it off, I passed out tonight too. Fortunately it was mild and slow enough that I felt it coming and made it to a bed, though I don't remember getting to the bed, and it's a very very strange and unpleasant experience.

I called Tonya to ask about her taking Julian and Katrina tomorrow; she could take Julian all day and Katrina half-day. Close enough. But...then Julian threw up tonight. No daycare for him.

The only reason I'm up now is waiting for a call back from Danielle to see if she can come help us tomorrow. I'm in no shape to care for three children.

What a way to end a migraine headache!


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