Saturday, July 07, 2007

7/7/07 Strawberry Girl

Every night, I set out the kids' clothes for the next day. This is a selfish practice: the boys are more likely to get dressed quietly and quickly, if things are set out for them. And I can nudge Dave sleepily in the morning to get Katrina and dress her, so I can catch a few more minutes of valuable snoozes.

Betsy dropped off a few girl clothes with the Frog Hollow fruit yesterday (we're splitting a subscription this quarter, and she kindly brings me this delicious fruit every week), so I put the clothes on the stairs. By the time I got around to bringing them upstairs, Katrina was already in bed, so I set them by her door. Somehow only a checked romper made it there (one of the boys probably absconded with the pants, great).

However, this morning, the romper in front of Katrina's door prompted Dave to think I had intended that for her to wear. In fact, I'd meant to check its size and season, then store it with other like clothes.

So, today Katrina ended up in what happened to be perfect for a slightly chilly day, and also was just the right size. It's not normally my style: very pink, very girly, and with a collar, but it was indeed very cute on her, and I do like one-piece romper sorts of things.

I heard Dave calling her "Miss Strawberry" and figured it was a reference to her increasingly strawberry-blond hair, but then saw that this outfit has strawberry appliques. Aww.

Katrina loves this pop-up toy, though so far only knows how to pop things down. She gets very excited when I pop up the 5 animal toys, then one by one, she pushes them back down. She plays with this toy for a long time for a 9-month-old baby!

Every day, it still amazes me. This baby is the most delightful, happy, squealy, giggly, smiley, charming little thing. How did such a wonderful baby get foisted on such an un-wonderful mom who didn't even want another baby? Did the stork make a mistake on the address? Is this Mother Nature's way of making up for Gabriel's toddlerhood? (She already did that with Julian.) Or am I just taking another look at what every mother feels: that her baby is the most amazing, special, incredible being in the world?


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