Thursday, July 05, 2007

7/5/07 Whoosh...and they're off

We had another full day together today, and it was time to get the kids OUT. So we trucked everyone to Ortega Park to check out the water feature, and whaddya know, ran into Stacey and Betsy & Co (well, & Kids). Of course, there's a playgroup there, I'd forgotten -- we got lucky and picked the time and place right!

Gabriel brought his rockets from Bonne Maman, a quick hit that attracted all the kids. Somehow, the pump got broken, then lost, while at the park.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out in the backyard, the boys playing in a sprinkler (it was hot today), more photo session attempts, dinner, dessert, packing up, then saying goodbyes and then driving to the airport.

But it wasn't sad saying goodbye. We had such a nice visit that I feel uplifted and warm and connected, not torn apart. I so, so wish I could see the Engels more often than once a year, but I'm so happy that we have that.


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