Tuesday, July 03, 2007

7/3/07 Happy Hollow

What a great afternoon! Me and Steph and Mom took all five kids to Happy Hollow this afternoon -- a perfect time, since it wasn't crowded at all. We first walked around the zoo, then went to the park where we had snacks and rode on a few rides.

Feeding animals in the zoo was a favorite, and the merry-go-round in the park got several go-rounds. Remi especially was all smiles on her painted horse. Julian would have nothing at all to do with the merry-go-round, Gabriel went along with it so he could look at the mechanism in the ceiling, and Aidan as usual was just happy.

Unfortunately, my sister's camera didn't have its card, and my camera's battery died! So I didn't get any photos of our excursion on Danny the Dragon, a "train" that winds around various sites and displays. But I really enjoyed that one, mostly because Julian was scared and wanted to sit on my lap. So I had nothing else to do for 10 minutes except hug him.

Katrina hung in for most of the trip, and I deliberately sacrificed her afternoon nap for the event, though she did take a short snooze in the stroller. She loved being out there, and especially liked watching the fish merry-go-round. Next to her younger older brother, who once again, was scared of the ride.

It wouldn't have been the end of the world to take two cars today, but I'm glad we did it all together in the minivan. I'll take as much all together time as I can get.


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