Friday, July 06, 2007

7/6/07 Back to normal, whatever that is

A day of cleanup and recovery after the big family's fun, really, picking up coming across a little ponytail holder, or the leftover desserts (mmm), or ... a whole load of laundry?! Oops! Well, let's hear it for good ol' U.S. Post. Now I know what kind of underwear my brother-in-law wears.

Though I griped bitterly about my dysfunctional kitchen, I had fun having so many people here, and preparing food and snacks and cleaning up (we ran the dishwasher 3 times a day!). Still, I come away feeling that I didn't spend enough time with my niece and nephew. My mother is much better at the balancing act between hosting and visiting. I'm looking forward to getting more experience!

Kid reports:

Gabriel: Temperature last night, fine today. Not too terribly troublesome today, though given to hysterical pesty fits.

Julian: Bloody nose in the minivan on the way to Palo Alto to return the van. A little oversensitive and tired today, but mostly sweet.

Katrina: After an off day yesterday, today beaming and bouncing and full of giggles and silly scrunched-up nose laughing and tongue-sticking-out and many other adorable baby maneuvers. Still verrrry close to first crawling step, but hasn't happened yet.

And me...after days of fighting a migraine, I got to sleep early last night, slept late this morning (thanks Dave), but was still unbearably sleepy and tired and headachy all morning anyway. So I caved and took two Imitrex as prescribed, then went for a long run at Rancho this evening. My run was really too long for not having run for almost a week (Coyote -> Farm -> Rogue Valley -> Chamise -> Ravensbury -> Rogue Valley -> Farm -> Parking, appx. 5? miles), and I never got into an "ahh this feels great" groove. But I have high hopes that the endorphins will finish off what the drug started. A day without a headache would be such a boon. A weekend day, even!


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