Sunday, October 14, 2007

10/14/07 The Phones

Today's big family outing was to the AT&T phone store so that Dave could get his iPhone and the required AT&T service contract. This forced me to pick a new phone, as we were on a "family plan" with Verizon, which overall I don't care about. My new phone has Bluetooth though, I might like that, unless I have problems with charging the headpiece regularly. Still, it'll probably take me weeks to get the thing out of the box.

Gabriel and Julian had all sorts of fun with the iPhone display, while Katrina giggled holding onto the stroller and trying to push it around.

A common family sort of thing to do is to hang around in PJs in the morning, especially on Sundays. But around here, everyone wakes up wearing pee-soaked diapers or Pull-Ups, so we always push to get those changed. And once the PJs are off anyway, might as well put clothes on. There, done.

But this morning, I got up with Katrina and scooted her downstairs before she woke everyone else up. I was feeling pretty sleepy and lazy, so played with her and took some rare PJs photos before getting her dressed. She loves this glow-in-the-dark bear (that was Gabriel's) from her great-uncle Jean.

Katrina did her level best to foil my attempts to prepare dinner and get a head start on the lasagnas I'm making for next week's Tuesday dinner. Here she is like a Price Is Right model, showing my entire mixing-bowl storage area. I SO can't wait for a new kitchen!

Speaking of new kitchen, it's no longer early to be shopping for appliances, countertops, cabinets and kitchen things -- or the countless other things we'll need in the whole house (front door, flooring, bathroom finishes etc). It's time. I took the design sketches we have (which still have minor changes coming) to Kinko's for scanning to take them to kitchen places next week. And got a smaller scanned version for myself, that I can print, post on the fridge, and look at dreamily.

It's also time to find a kitchen designers to help me work out the particulars of where fridge, cooktop, ovens, etc, go. It's overwhelming, but I really can't wait.

That reminds me, our architect had an article (well, a Q&A thing) published in the San Jose Mercury news last week: Ask an expert: The home addition dilemma: Go up or out?


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