Thursday, October 18, 2007

10/18/07 The Kitchen Places

Katrina-free day today, spent doing exactly what I got the childcare for: going to kitchen remodeling places in search of a kitchen designer. Three, just today. It's exhausting under the best of circumstances, but the vice gripping my head makes it extremely difficult to concentrate. Day 4 of a relatively mild migraine, but "mild migraine" is a cruel oxymoron. Still, I made a little progress, and Julian gave me a perfect excuse to cut it short when the headache made it too unbearable to be sitting and talking. Happily, the headache subsides enough when I'm having coffee with mom friends to enjoy it, though it's just about crushing me right now as I type.

Katrina is now pretty consistent at pointing to the right person (and declaring "AH!" delightedly) when asked "Where's Julian? Where's Gabriel? Where's Dad?" But not Mom!


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