Friday, November 23, 2007

11/23/07 The Biscuits

This morning, I got to sleep late, until 9am, and then get up slowly when I darned well felt like it. Dave had The Three under control downstairs (thanks!) while I lounged. Ahh.

But...the drowsy reluctance to get up this morning (a luxury now that I spring out of bed at 6:30am on weekdays), turned into a familiar and hated feeling of pressure, lethargy, laziness. That reminded me, I was feeling unbearably sleepy yesterday at some point...or was it the day before? I couldn't quite piece it together. When was yesterday again? Another sign. Sure enough, by this afternoon, it developed into another dreaded migraine.

Still, I functioned reasonably well this morning. I made some plain biscuits, with the feeble excuse that I couldn't let a pint of buttermilk go bad, and the boys helped me roll and cut them out. Then I called my family back East, which always makes me so happy to talk but so sad not to be there, especially since it sounds like my mother made quite the delicious well-rounded feast.

While I talked on the phone, Katrina sat on the porch and had a biscuit, where "had" is something between eating it and spreading it all over the porch.

I wish I could say that homemade biscuits are healthy, but really, something that's just refined white flour, butter, buttermilk and leaveners isn't exactly packed with nutrition. Gabriel is starting to ask if certain foods are "junk food," and I have a hard time answering him on things like this. Biscuits aren't Cheetos, but they're not spinach either, homemade or not.

During Katrina's nap, I went running....whoops, detour. I had to take a nap first, the pressure was getting to be too much. I so resent this! I just don't have room in my life to be taken down by a migraine!! It took seconds to fall into a deep sleep, and when I woke up, it took all my willpower to get up, get dressed and go run. I felt like I was wearing a Cat In The Hat hat, like every turn of my head was being dragged down.

And running was no different. It took tremendous effort to do a moderate route, especially since at first, the jolting hurt my head with each step. Uphill took care of that fast, but still, I never really reached a stride. The last mile or two, I fell back on my new iPod to get me going, and that was fun. To my surprise, the best part about the music was my finishing sprint, which turned into a full-on balls-out haul-ass dash, I'll guess about 200 meters long. Not often in life that adults run full speed for any distance, even runners. It felt great. But as soon as I bent over to stretch, the rush of blood to my head turned the pressure back on, and the pain flooded back. Well, compromised run as it was, it was completely worth it, if nothing else for the intense effort of the final sprint.

The cost came at dinner, which was an emergency TJ's freezer item in lieu of my loftier plans. And whose remains lie in wait in the kitchen for me to peel my reluctant rear end off this chair to finish cleaning up. Though, one thing that's come out of my new job is that Dave and I are evolving a habit of cleaning up together. An unexpected benefit of this is that it gives us some time to talk every day when we're not distracted by other wind-down sorts of things (email, blogging, web-surfing, newspapers). Do I need to point out the obvious that this is after The Three are safely tucked away in bed? The fact that it takes a drudgerous cleanup job for us to be able to catch up for 15 whole minutes a day is depressing, but the fact that it happens now at all is really good. So it is the collective reluctant rear end that must be scraped off the collective chair to finish our work for the day.

I had lots of grand plans for this long weekend, but something tells me that even without a headache, I mostly just want to....hang.


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