Monday, December 17, 2007

12/17/07 The not-so-bad Monday

Has something has shifted? Today wasn't so hard at all.

It could be from having had a good day yesterday, between a nice run in the morning (9.3 miles!) and all the fun we had at the holiday party yesterday.

It could be from talking with Betsy and it sinking in that she has a longer drive home from work with 3 pickups, plus 2 dropoffs in the morning, and she gets home later -- and she complains a whole, whole lot less than I do. Like, not at all. So what am I whining about?

It could be from knowing this is a short week with a long holiday coming up -- and Laura and Ryan are coming this weekend (!yay!).

It could be because I have a deadline this week at work, bringing with it a smidgeon of a sense of accomplishment. That is, assuming I actually complete my part of the project by Thursday, which at the moment is about 50-50. Then again, if I bring one skill to work from my momming experience, it's cutting standards and getting the job done on time no matter what. If I could get a baby and a stubborn toddler to swim class, lunches made, by 10:00am twice a week, I can certainly finish up a document!

It could be because I coached myself to keep dinner tonight really really simple -- don't cook, just fall back on old standbys. More importantly, try to relax when grumpy demanding Katrina interrupts me again and again. My goodness, her screeching so distracts and stresses me out, compounded with irritation that I keep having to put the boys off: "Not now, I have to take care of BabyCakes." They're both remarkably understanding -- usually I'm the one who's frustrated that I can't talk to them more.

At least tonight I was sort-of able to remind myself that Mom Nature intended for babies' cries to stress mothers to care for the babies. And Katrina's insistence is an excellent manifestation of the theory of Survival of the Fittest. So I braced myself to try again and again to find out what she needed. I finally hit upon it: she had to hold her own spoon. Well, DUH, Mom! Then she was happy for a long time stuffing fistfuls of rice into her mouth with the other hand -- just so long as she had a death grip on the spoon. But I am SO tired of the throwing. She only gets water in a sippy-cup right now, because she throws the sippy-cup after every sip.

Gabriel was full of enthusiasm tonight finding new 'I' words, though for some reason he was focused on places that start with I. "But not Italy, India or Israel -- we've already done those." We talked about Indonesia, Illinois and Indiana (duh, I forgot Ireland!), then moved on to actual words. He was disappointed to hear that iPhone isn't really an 'I' word. Such is the world our children are growing up in.


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