Friday, December 21, 2007

12/21/07 Holiday Luncheon

Today Dave and I both took the day off work, so we were able to attend Gabriel's class's holiday luncheon. It was fun, and some of the parents are *fabulous* cooks. I've got to learn to cook Indian food -- with the flavor, but without the hefty spice.

So much to do today, but much of it was spent catching up on a building sleep debt. I went running this morning at Fremont Older, which took a lot of committment and persuasion. It was 36 degrees, and I was in shorts! And it was horribly muddy. But as usual, by the end, I have to persuade myself not to "go the extra mile," as I really needed to get home and get ready for Gabriel's luncheon.

And Julian's party tomorrow, and Laura and Ryan arriving tonight. Busy, and fun!

Last night, Dave had to cycle a circuit breaker to "reboot" our dishwasher, which had decided not to turn on at all until he did that. While I was waiting to find out if he could get it going, I had horrible visions of it breaking and having to scramble today to buy a new dishwasher. It'd be so ironic if it held out all this time only to die a few critical months before being replaced anyway. Thank goodness he got it going. This is so not the time for my dishwasher to croak.*

Back to it, lots of preparing to do! This is so much more work than work, but so much more fun too. The Intensity knob just got cranked on my life.


* my father referred to this writing "technique" as "foreshadowing"...

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