Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12/18/07 The Performance

Julian had a little singing performance at Kids Inc tonight. We only found out about it a few days ago, described as "no big deal," and with virtually no information (like what time to arrive, though it started at 6:15pm).

Well, a "little" singing performance was absolutely packed with parents, grandparents, siblings, and just about all of them were loaded up with cameras and videocameras (including me). The director clearly underestimated the parents' interest -- and the kids' interest too. She had to bail on the younger group doing their own performance, as all but one just huddled with their parents or cried.

Julian's group did the four songs we've been hearing him practice at home, though once again, Julian mostly stood and stared. I wouldn't call it performance anxiety, as he doesn't seem to have any anxiety, but he generally shuts down. Hence no video -- it doesn't look all that different from the photos, since he barely moves. He did warm up toward the end though.

And I know he had a great time learning the songs, and a good time at the performance too, despite his immobility. I of course ate it all up. I just wish they'd gotten it going more quickly, as Katrina was a ticking time bomb, and the room was filled with hungry wiggly toddlers.

Before the "show," Dave and I met with our kitchen designer for round #2. I made the big oven decision that's been tormenting me (and any unfortunate listener) for days, and we did a first pass at cabinet doors and shelves -- and decided to ask the architect for another foot extension. I'm under orders to start deciding where I want things like glasses, plates, spices....an exciting task!

I'm beside myself about this kitchen, though I have a feeling I'm unwittingly slipping into another Garage Majal. Our garage project turned from a simple functional building into a Taj Majal of garages, one I'd never chosen if I'd had a showroom filled with garages to pick from, but somehow the project took on a life of its own. And then once a great idea was out there (skylights! epoxy-paint floor! insulation! finished walls! conduit to the house! dutch door! shed roof! carriage-house door design! a zillion outlets!) there was no going back.

Anyway, we had to hurry up to finish the kitchen design meeting, go pick up kids, make a quick dinner (argh! Annie's Arthur Mac'n'Cheese takes *15* minutes to cook!), feed children, and get to Julian's performance by 6:10pm. Whew!

Katrina was exhausted tonight, having had another screwy day of naps, and was about screaming with exhaustion through a quick bath, and then actually almost fell asleep nursing. Naturally, instead of put her head on my shoulder and relax when I carried her to bed, she corralled her remaining energy into a formidable protest. But as soon as I gave her The Satin Blankie (a $4 satin pillow cover from BB&B), she took a huge breath of relief, put it in her mouth and closed her eyes. Whew!

(This photo just in from Sonia, her rigorous documenting of every mom-baby pair at every party! From Saturday's Las Madres 2006 party. Katrina is clutching a tortilla chip which kept her happy just long enough to take the photo, until she discovered a truck to push around.)

And I'll say it again at the end of today: Whew.


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