Thursday, December 20, 2007

12/20/07 Last Day of Work

Yay! Today was my last day of work for the year. Tomorrow, Gabriel's class has a special luncheon, and I just couldn't bear to miss it. I wish I felt like I'd accomplished more at work, as my brain is still mired in a cottony fog.

Mom asked me for a photo of Katrina in this beautiful velour pajama she got in France, and a photo of Melissa. Two for one -- since I bring Katrina to Melissa's in her PJs, getting the two together is practically a must.

Melissa was very agreeable about a photo-op, even though it was just 7:15am and she was busy getting her 2nd-grader out of bed and getting ready to run Tonya's daycare today. Which meant I got to pick Katrina up in Cupertino instead of way the heck out in San Jose today, yay!

But doesn't that bright strong color look wonderful on Katrina? I wouldn't have figured that pink-almost-magenta for a strawberry-blonde, but I love it.

I got a rendering of the new kitchen in email from our kitchen designer today!

Even though I was drop-dead exhausted today, this perked me up enough to leave work early and go back to the appliance store again! to work out some more details. I'm getting a little annoyed about asking about the reliability of an appliance brand and getting told that Consumer Reports is biased, wrong, not useful....I've had my issues with CR as well, but criticizing the magazine isn't an acceptable answer.

I wonder if after two weeks at home I'll be itching to rejoin the grownup world again...or not. For now, I'm thrilled.


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