Wednesday, December 05, 2007

12/5/07 14 months!

Katrina turned 14 months old today! I'm not sure we can really say she's standing yet -- she can get into a stand, but then immediately plops onto her bottom, giggling away. Her showmanship is certainly a handicap.

I'm not sure this counts as a word, but anytime she sees an animal picture or drawing, she points to it and says, "Bay-ah!" with awe at her discovery. It's very cute.

I had a better day today -- it's so minute-by-minute these days. I slept better last night, and so was in much better shape to do a lot of painstaking and exacting numbers-looking-up today. I was really a mess yesterday. I've been putting Julian's drawings up in my office, it's nice to see a splash of color on the dull cubicle walls.

Still, more and more I miss sitting down and playing with the kids, especially Katrina -- something I really didn't do much of before anyway. I can talk to the boys while I'm making dinner, and have fun finding ways for them to help. But not Katrina -- her idea of "helping" is walking a footstool around the kitchen, right under my feet and right under a hot splattery skillet. It bums me out that her good time, about half an hour right after we get home and before her teeny tummy alarm goes off, is spent cooking and not playing. These days, I like cooking, so I want to enjoy that too. But I have to spend that precious half-hour of Happy Baby Fun Time focusing in the kitchen, not rolling around on the rug playing Rocket or Bridge or Bouncy-Bounce. We really need to be wrapped up by 7pm, so that the boys have time to chill, play, transition, and Gabriel can work on his homework. Tonight we didn't sit down until 7:20pm, and that was much too late.

So I played with Katrina upstairs before nursing (still hanging in there, barely) and bath, until she pooped out. She's really getting more and more delightful, more fun to play with, more sophisticated in her interaction. It just firms up my resolve: I am not doing this full-time rat-race indefinitely. I have a feeling that when she really starts to walk, I'm going to feel the tug much more strongly to take her to 2006-playgroup park pladates and library storytimes and music classes...all things I didn't do before.


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