Thursday, December 06, 2007

12/6/07 The Snowman and the Bunny

Julian often comes home from daycare with a new little story or song. This time, it's a little poem about the snowman and the bunny, complete with hand gestures. He's very hard to understand in the video, so here are the words, as best as I can make them out.

A tubby little snowman with a carrot nose
Along came a bunny, and what do you suppose?
The hungry little bunny, looking for his lunch
Ate that carrot going crunch crunch crunch

This wasn't his best, but he is so cute doing this! He really likes it when I laugh and clap at his performance.

Katrina stood up several times tonight for at least 5 seconds, looking around with a huge smile as if to say, "Heyyy, it's pretty cool up here!" And then she didn't fall, she let herself down. She's still very unsteady, but one time today she took a tiny step to catch her balance. I made a deal with Betsy that whoever's 2006 baby walks first, that mom makes the other a consolation cheesecake. Katrina's recent progress has me collecting recipes!

I made a point of spending some good quality time sitting on the floor playing with her tonight, relishing every moment of it. She was one giant giggle fit tonight, having a grand time impressing her brothers with her antics.

She also gets a big kick out of a game she made up, in which she crawls circles around me, and I look around saying, "Uh-oh, wheere's baby?" when she's behind me, then she bursts out in front of me, laughing so hard she actually hits her head on the floor.

I had a decent day at work, and a good time tonight with the kids, and an easier time getting home since I didn't make dinner. Dave got Chinese take-out and the kids got a combination of leftovers and TJ's frozen, but since dinner is the only real opportunity I have to get vegetables into them, I steamed fresh broccoli.

But it's all still too much. Something has to give. I'm just not sure what yet.


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