Saturday, December 08, 2007

12/8/07 Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree today, the old-fashioned way: we drove farther, paid twice as much, and got a much scragglier tree than if we'd gone to Home Depot, 5 minutes away, and paid $20 for a lush, fragrant tree. But it's so much more fun this way.

Dave and I got our tree at this same farm when I was 8 months pregnant with Gabriel, and I remember thinking it would be so fun to come back with kids. And it really was fun! On the drive into the mountains (a short trip, barely 10 minutes), Julian exclaimed several times, "This is such a BEAU-tiful place!" I love going into the mountains, and always get a pang of regret that being on narrow twisty scenic roads was such a regular part of my life for so long. I really miss it, but when the kids are older, we'll make up for it.

It was cold, but the boys warmed up fast running around.

It took about 5 minutes to find a suitable tree, but we spent more time wandering around anyway before settling on a different one (because we'd never find the first one again). I carried Katrina in the backpack.

The boys helped Dave carry it back.

The kids all had a great time, which meant I did too!

I took the boys to the Las Madres 2004 Holiday Party tonight, which was a great time, as always. The wonderful kids' musician Andy Z was there -- he's so much fun I wish I were a little kid again too! To my surprise, Gabriel jumped right into the fray, and a little less surprising, Julian stood dumbstruck for much of it, but I know it will stick with him more.

Katrina stayed at home with Dave, and a good thing, since the room was busy and crowded and full of places for a crawling baby to get stuck under. Too bad, because I put the most adorable sweater on her today, and it looks absolutely great (green is a good color on her). It was brand-new with tags, and I'm ashamed to say I'm not sure who gave it to us. I'm pretty sure it came in a bag of other things from any number of generous friends, though it's made in France and the labels are in French.

Could this photography get any worse? Two toilets in the background, Pull-Ups in the photo, and redeye. But at least you can see the sweater, and that delighted impish face making a huge mess of the stack of Pull-Ups.

Earlier tonight, the day seemed hectic and out of control, but looking back on it, it seems just right.


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