Sunday, January 27, 2008

1/27/08 Forward-faced

Katrina opened a late and lost Christmas present today, these cute little squeaky eggs. She loved them! She laughed aloud at them and played with them for much of the morning and later in the afternoon. Then some or other brother put them away, and for the moment, they're lost. [ later note: found in an obscure drawer after brother #1 'fessed up! ]

After much wrangling, we managed to forward-face Katrina's seat and get two booster seats in the back of my car (minus one armrest, and by installing Katrina's seat with the seatbelt instead of LATCH). This was harder than it'd seem, since the boosters don't nest the way the old carseats do, and when the seatbelt is buckled, the buckle is held up in such a position that it's right between two hard parts of the booster seats. It's going to take some practice to learn how to get everyone in and out quickly.

Julian's only sitting in the middle because I enticed him to come to the Y by getting to choose which seat he sat in (Gabriel said he didn't want to go). Sitting next to Katrina is the carseat prize, which at the last minute, Gabriel wanted to reclaim. I kept my promise to Julian, but he's really not trustworthy enough yet. I caught him poking at her cheeks with his fingers, and he also provoked her into screaming (admittedly not hard to do) by making faces at her. Gabriel is more reliable for now.

Katrina loved facing forward, and I could see her gazing out with fascination at the scenery passing by in the right direction. I thought our Britax Marathon would dwarf her, but it fits her pretty well.

Another rainy day. When I lived in Rochester, NY, I grew to hate rainy days. Now, despite the many weeks in a row we've had, I still like them. I would probably feel a lot differently if I didn't have a reliable place to go on rainy weekend mornings, to get the kids out and to get in a workout myself. Thank goodness for the Y.


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