Friday, April 11, 2008

4/11/08 Twice a year

I get it wrong twice a year. For months, long sleeves are perfect, sometimes not even enough. Then one day, it's suddenly 25 degrees warmer, and everyone swelters in their heavily-overdressed clothes.

Today was that day. Balmy, beautiful, warm, almost summery. Yay!

At least I had Katrina in layers, so she was able to enjoy the afternoon in short sleeves. Especially on the new little push-wagon that Melissa got for her daycare's backyard.

(Naturally, Katrina's beside herself about this toy, and objects strenuously when it's time to come in. Geez, her haircut looks worse every day. She looks more and more like a boy!)

Then there will come a day, sometime in late October or early November, when the T-shirts they've been wearing for months will suddenly be completely inadequate, and everyone will be cold all day. Fortunately, I only make these dressing errors twice a year.

Melissa's daycare business is picking up -- she's got two new full-timers starting next week, and has had interviews all week long. Katrina's going to have to learn to share -- toys and Melissa! She's not at all good about sharing toys with babies (especially not her coveted school bus), but she plays great with a 3-year-old boy who will soon be her daily companion. No surprise there!

I went swimming tonight, and for once it wasn't absolutely freezing as I was about to get in the water. But I got cold while I was swimming, which I never do when it's much colder outside! And the water felt colder. Go figure.

I wonder how my ankles and feet will react to the swim (1600 yards, all freestyle). Unfortunately, sitting here momentarily, I think I already know. Bzzzt.


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