Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5/20/08 The D.J.

Our electronic piano serves as a sort of primitive, if gigantic, iPod of sorts. Julian likes to sing aloud to songs it plays. Until he's discovered, that is.

Then he unplugged the headphones and "played" some songs so that Katrina could "dance." This is a game they'd developed that I didn't know about.

This is grandparent-quality video, but does give a decent idea of her delightful, fun, silly, outgoing side. Which, for all my complaining, is how she is most of the time. It's just that it can turn ugly in a matter of seconds if someone, especially me, offends her.

I found a few family daycares today close to our "new" house....yeah, 3 pickups again, but I'd still rather have Katrina in family daycare if I can find one. Tonya and Melissa aren't just daycare providers, they're part of the family; they've helped me raise my kids. Though they both live too far now, I'm not sure I can cut my own cord yet!

As if I have time to make more phone calls. This week I'm meeting with our kitchen designer and contractor together, then the architect, then the kitchen designer again. And tomorrow we call moving companies, targeting Friday June 6 to move to the "new" house! GULP! I think that means we'll hold the "before" open house on Sunday June 8th, in the late morning. It's entirely possible the first demolition crews will arrive Monday the 9th.


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