Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5/21/08 Slammed

Unbelievable. I was torn out of a sound sleep this morning by intense headache pain, which only increased as I got myself and everyone else ready. I couldn't stop yawning and feeling like I'd fall asleep with every blink as I dropped the boys and then Katrina off, so went straight back home to take an essential nap before work. But at work, the first person who saw me made a quizzical face and asked what was wrong, I guess because I was squinting or making a face or something.

I'm beside myself. I just went through weeks of this! I've had migraines since adolescence, but never so frequent, long-lasting or severe as since Katrina was born.

I asked Dave to take the boys to dinner tonight so that I didn't have to deal with dinner and could have a nice evening alone with Katrina. But the first 45 minutes were seriously ugly. She got into a major tantrum the instant we got home, and her nonstop crying felt like it was going to send me into seizures. After trying the usual everything, I put on my iPod to try to drown out her crying, which finally worked indirectly, as she got interested in the iPod screen, enough to calm down to take a bite of rice. And then another, and another....but it took over 15 minutes of carrying her and feeding her (something she rarely allows anymore) slowly and carefully for a good mood to take hold.

Then she played outside, ringing the bicycle bell on Gabriel's "cy," and now she's happily chatting at TuxPaint, a Mac drawing program for kids, though she doesn't quite get the idea that she can "paint" with the mouse.

OK, phew, she's in good shape now. But what about me? Maybe migraine nights aren't the right time to send the boys away. I could use a soothing Julian kiss about now.


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Charles said...

y forgot to mention the IPOD. I have a 4gb mini nano , whatever that cisco was giving out, it is now considered big and clunky, but whatever, it has the "photo slideshow" on it.


I loaded it with photos of Tarzan, and hand it to him. he can play with the clickwheel, let the show run, stop it, pause it, whatever, and he loves playing with the buttons then will point to the screen and tell me who the photo is of.

I try to only let him see it 2x/week, so the novelty does not wear off.

I highly recommend, and if you want, I can put my hands on one for Kat.

Saw ya goin down Quito a few days ago, but was in Corvair van, and knew you would not recognize us.