Monday, September 01, 2008

9/1/08 Letterbox parks

I like this combination: look for a letterbox in a local park, then stay and play in the park afterward.

Gabriel found the box today.

This is a really lovely park with a fabulous dry creekbed to play in -- shaded, curved, lots of places to hide, slide and run.

Except once again, little sister would have none of it. Fuss, cry, scream, draw looks of grave concern from onlookers -- what is that woman doing to that child?!. Once again I found myself irritated and frustrated to tears -- can't I just enjoy the simplest thing with the boys?! This child is nonstop trouble!

So I regretfully pulled the boys out to find a place for Katrina to play where I could see them too.

They made do. Gabriel planted himself on this digger and stayed until we left.

Julian, in his remarkable capacity to make friends, somehow got into a game of lacross with a nearby Dad!

Katrina found a tunnel on a play structure, forcing me to hang out in blazing sun and not have a place to sit to rest my back (though sitting isn't so great either).

At least she was happy for a while, which poses another problem: how to extract her to go home. Fortunately, a pancake from this morning's breakfast handled the transition.

We reconciled later in the day, when I took her for a power-walk around the neighborhood in the jogging stroller. Gosh, I miss running. Walking just isn't the same. But it was fun to chat with Katrina on our walk, and play her new game of her saying "Thank you!" and you respond "You're welcome!" and she giggles. She went "whee!" and "zoom zoom!" for most of our 40-minute walk. As long as we were moving, she was very happy. Life on her terms.


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