Tuesday, September 02, 2008

9/2/08 "Tata"

Tonight I caught the tail end of Katrina's daily coming-home tantrum, which was derailed by leftover zucchini frittata. Eggs, zucchini, ham, perfect. And despite her automatic protests, she was finally ready to eat. Then the storm blows over, just like that, and she takes bites of "tata" between glowers at me.

Last night after our walk, when it was almost dark, this is what Katrina thought of my plan to take her inside. The concrete is too scratchy to lie down on and throw a complete fit, but she was ramping up for it. She looks pretty harmless in this video, in retrospect.

Summer's over, and I'm filled with regrets. No swim lessons, no fountains, no beach. On the other hand, we had a nice family visit, a Park Week (even if we all got sick), daycamps, and some enjoyable moments on outings between Katrina tantrums. I'm feeling very confined by remodeling, toddler tantrums, and a fearsome back injury. Well, it might as well all hit at once.

Would someone please explain the appeal of the TLC reality show "Jon & Kate + Eight"? I mean really, despite 8 kids, it's just a family through normal day-to-day activities, with lots of kids crying and mom being exasperated -- I get enough of that in my own real life. What's so interesting about someone else's dirty laundry? .... But I love it!! I hope it's on tonight!! (Thanks for getting me hooked, Ro!)


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