Wednesday, September 03, 2008

9/3/08 Gabriel and Katrina

...but not ours. There's a Gabriel and a Katrina at Julian's really pretty small preschool. Who knew!

I picked up Julian today at the tail end of his "Science Explorers" class. When we first got the flyer for this extra class, we blew it off, turned off by all the "stimulates" and "develops" language. But Julian's teacher let him take the class one day when there was an absence, and she told me that he loved it. So we signed him up.

Today was the class day, and I walked in and found the teacher was working with him, and she just about melted when she saw I was his mom. "He's so well-behaved!" she exclaimed. I don't know if it's a sell job or what -- these classes aren't cheap -- but according to the science teacher and Julian's teacher, he really takes to the science class. So far, they mostly look like fun, which I'm all for. Learning, ok, great, whatever. Most 4-year-olds learn about centrifugal forces by whirling a ball on a rope around their head on their own anyway.

Katrina skipped her daily mealtime tantrum tonight. I'm a new woman.


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