Thursday, September 04, 2008

9/4/08 Back to school night

I'm not partisan. I don't like listening to either convention. But when I listen to NPR the entire 2 hours a day I spend driving, some of it is bound to creep in during the news.

This morning, it was all about Sarah Palin's speech last night. Like her or not, she makes some pretty good sound bites. I loved her delivery on her comment about the tenacity it takes to be a hockey mom: "You know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a pit bull?" (perfectly timed pause)..."Lipstick."

Maybe that was why I wasn't paying attention when I was carrying Katrina to Tonya's house this morning. I tripped over the sidewalk, stumbled, and couldn't recover -- boom, down we went. My left forearm took the brunt of it, instead of my hands, to cushion a startled Katrina. She landed on my arm, my hand cradling her head, and somehow I managed not to land on her. Or break my arm. It's no wonder where she gets her clumsiness from. She didn't at all appreciate the sacrifice.

Tonight was Back to School Night at Gabriel's school. We recruited Tonya's daughters to play with our little trio on the school playground for the 45 minutes allotted to parents in the classroom with the teacher. Five of which was taken up by the chatty principal on the loudspeaker urging teachers to end on time.

Gabriel's teacher would have finished close to on time, but a minute or so after time, a mom roped her into a question about how to teach subtraction at home, so that her daughter doesn't get confused with the method taught at school. This is so far from my reality...I can't imagine having that much time or attention, yet. They're in first grade for chrissake. Give your kid an allowance, she'll learn fast about subtraction.

Meantime, Gabriel, Julian and Katrina had a great time playing in the completely unshaded playground in the midst of a late-summer heatwave....urgh. Fortunately it was late enough that it was starting to cool off.

Kassidy, one of the girls minding Katrina, and who sees her every weekday, commented that she's a handful! Sort of, it's not like she's always running away or anything. She's just very OPINIONATED. Her Opinion about dinner tonight was, "What, are you freakin' out of your mind?! NFW!!!!"

I challenged Gabriel to see if he could get undressed, clothes in laundry, shoes put away, showered, dried, and in Pull-Ups (sigh, still) and pajamas in 5 minutes. He did it in 4:20. Sucker! But, wow. Beating the clock was actually more motivating than the ice cream that I insisted he could only have after he was ready for bed. MOMom.


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