Monday, October 20, 2008

10/20/08 Amazing boys

So far Gabriel has aced every (weekly) spelling test, both the 10 required words and the 5 extra "challenge" words. But his spelling tests keep coming back with extra words, numbered 16-18. What's up with that? The handwriting is poor, but they appear to be spelled correctly.

Turns out, Gabriel is adding in those words himself. When a regular word is called out during the test, like "top," he quickly writes it down, then starts work on a more interesting word of his choice. This week, his words were "mathematics," "paragraph," and "picture." We may have some serious geekiness on our hands here!

Tonight, my dinner included a perfect me-sized portion of leftover creamed spinach, while everyone else's vegetable was fresh broccoli. Julian saw what I had, and said sadly, "I want spinach too!"

Now, just so this sinks in to all you gentle readers, especially mothers of 4-year-olds, I must repeat this:
"I want spinach too!"
Naturally I was more than happy to part with my little treat. How could I refuse such amazing words coming from such amazing lips?

Katrina....well, passing up her nightly-once-again dinner tantrum was especially amazing tonight. Of course, just being 2 and irrepressibly adorable is sufficiently amazing. But she has two tough acts to follow when it comes to amazing.


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