Saturday, October 25, 2008

A message for Bonne Maman

Usually these little clips are at least somewhat, if not entirely, prompted by me. But not this one! Bonne Maman, Gabriel requested I take this video so he could tell you what the chords are in his duet. We rehearsed this once so that he'd face the camera and not cover his mouth with his hands, and demonstrate the chords he's talking about.

Darn this distance; it'd be so nice for the two pianists in the family to live closer to each other. But thank goodness for video and the Internet.

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lberry said...

Hi Gabriel
Thanks for sending me your a minor and E7 chords. They are so cool. and the way you play them, oh la la. And, by the way you've got lots of rhythm when you play them. Send more of your chords, any time. I love them.
Love and kisses
Bonne Maman