Friday, October 24, 2008

10/24/08 Reading

Bonne Maman asked what kinds of books Julian likes to read, and can read. That's hard to answer, but I've been thinking about it, and I found a way.

Tonight Julian was reading one of our new books -- a classic, "Frog and Toad Together." He usually reads without reading aloud, but since I often ask him to read to me (a great way to get him to quit bugging Katrina), he was reading aloud this time. This particular book is in the series that's rated for reading difficulty, and it's a "Level 2."

Then Gabriel took interest and Julian read to him, though I doubt Gabriel saw it that way! Mostly he was interested in the story. I wonder when the day will come when these sweet stories are too babyish for him. He's rapidly approaching 7, that corner could be turned any day.

It was a nice peaceful scene, with Gabriel working on some construction paper building project, and Julian reading. Katrina was bouncing around on the family room couch, quite happily. I don't get a lot of these scenes, so I had to record it.

Naturally, I'm very proud of Julian's reading, and even happier for him that he really really likes to do it. But don't take that to mean I'd be concerned or upset if he couldn't! I'm really not into kids being "ahead" or having a "leg up," and if Katrina reads late, whatever. If I worried about developmental milestones, I'd have gone beserk with all of Gabriel's late-emerging skills as a baby and toddler. As far as I know, Julian reads really well for 4-1/2, and I'm happy about that, but I wouldn't be sad if he couldn't.

Quite a week in remodeling -- we passed a rough inspection this week, which was a huge, huge deal. I'm glad I didn't know how big a deal after the fact, but it's the last big inspection until final.

I have a big deadline to get ALL the tile chosen and laid out, and have met many times with our architect/interior designer to put everything together. We'd gone pretty far on the upstairs kids' bath when I remembered: there are going to be 3 smelly teenagers taking 20 showers a day in there someday -- it's got to be super-durable. So, no multicolored subway tiles; instead, 12x12 tiles with a slightly mottled appearance in order to hide ickies on the floor, and minimize mildew habitat. But I still want something colorful and fun, so we ended up with frosted glass tiles for the accent. The color scheme will be something like this.

And accents from here. (The border above is from the 3x3 square in the upper right on the display board below, though I'm toying with some of the brighter ones on its left too.)

Today we talked with our contractor about replacing the existing heavy, obtrusive living room fireplace surround also. It's criminal for a fireplace not to have a mantle.

Say goodbye! Demolition will start Monday!

We got a glance at our new front door today too. It's so gorgeous and elegant I'm almost taken aback: who lives here? Me??

All this sensory overload from being at tile stores is really making me want to scrapbook again...all those colors and textures and patterns -- delicious. It makes me want to scrapbook, to knit, to decorate cookies...and maybe even to learn how to do my own tiling someday...!


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