Saturday, October 25, 2008

10/25/08 Halloween Party

Katrina's 3rd Halloween gathering! Today it was for Julian's peers. Gabriel was at his piano lesson, it was just as well, so it was just me and the younger two.

First order of business: lunch. I brought no baby-accoutrements whatsoever (booster seat, bibs, sippy cups etc). Turns out, I should have brought plates, cups and spoons too -- this group has gone green. Fortunately there were a few paper goods for lame-os like me.

After much playing, it was trick-or-treat time! The kids were so cute lined up.

Anyone who questions if boys and girls are born different need only see this scene. I've never ever seen two boys standing holding hands voluntarily. These two were adorable in held hands and bare feet.

Trick or treat! Mostly tricks, as it turns out. Environmentally and nutritionally conscious, this group. There was a little candy, just the right amount.

Katrina, naturally, would have nothing to do with the trick-or-treat line, though she didn't object to hanging around in her costume and showing off.

I made cookies for the event, of course. I hurriedly decorated them this morning, with some help from Julian. Again, a productive ploy to keep him away from Katrina. It's really a problem, and it drives me absolutely crazy: she's perfectly happy absorbed in something, and he comes over and bugs her constantly -- putting things on her head, taking things out of her hands. And she screeches immediately, which sets me off immediately. Sometimes I can find good ways of distracting him, and cookie-decorating was one. I brought the ones I decorated to the party, and the ones he did stayed home.

Katrina got to enjoy the spoils tonight. She earned it, she actually ate some green beans!

I'm reeling from a migraine again -- not so much the pain, but the pressure and strange waves in my head. Worst of all is the depression; the blueness, waking up feeling like crying and not knowing why, the disturbing dreams. The impulse to stay home and hide under the covers is strong, but I know that getting out and doing something fun with the kids is the best distraction possible. Still, even while I was looking around at the party at the cheerful scene of costumed children happily playing, several times I suddenly wanted to burst into tears. Normally that sensation is preceded by sad thoughts, but this chemical depression (my term) washes over me out of the blue when I'm not really thinking anything at all. This afternoon the migraine pain hit hard too, but the way the migraines are changing, the pain is becoming the least of my worries.

Fortunately, I have a birthday party to take Julian to tomorrow -- the best remedy possible!

One nice thing that came out of Julian's constant sister-pestering today was that I got to hear two chapters of "Frog and Toad Together" as I was making dinner. Julian reading these charming stories to me is truly heartwarming and wonderful.


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