Sunday, October 26, 2008

10/26/08 Party #2

Another party this weekend. I brought Katrina, not sure how she'd do at a popular inflatable-play-structure place that really doesn't work for 2-year-olds, but she had a great time bopping around. Julian, who wouldn't go into jump houses at all until a year ago, had a fabulous time. I really like seeing him enjoy group settings without his domineering older brother.

The cake is always the crowning event, especially this cake. Another stunning creation from a 2004 Las Madres mom.

Though I still reel on and off from migraine symptoms today, at least the dark cloud of depression lifted. I went running this evening on some levees bordering salt ponds on the outskirts of the bay, and it really struck me how normal that felt, and how very good normal feels.

I'm getting out of the habit of cleaning up dinner right away. Instead, I've been going into the family room and finding Katrina hidden deep inside the layers of mess, and just hanging out with her. She (usually) happily chats and includes me in her world of coloring or reading or playset play, and I enjoy the focused time with her. I have such a love-hate relationship with age 2, but it's a full-on love affair with her.


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