Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another one for Bonne Maman

OK, OK, you're probably all getting tired of hearing -- literally -- of each tiny incremental step Gabriel makes in the long journey toward piano proficiency. His playing in this clip is very amateurish, but Dave and I were both blown away when we heard hime playing it. Other than a few minutes of direction from his first piano teacher (one lesson) months ago, we've never heard him play this. He worked hard on Monday, a day off school, to figure this out from the pre-programmed recording in the piano. I had to sneak up on him to get this clip though.

It brought tears to be eyes to hear this beautiful piece, haltingly played, but still coming from the fingers of my firstborn boy.

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lberry said...

Hi Gabriel
That gorgeous melody has always been one of my favorites. By the way did you notice that it starts with the same chords as the other piece you sent me: it starts on a minor followed by E, instead of E7 (because there is no D, right?)
You're terrific!
Bonne Maman