Thursday, October 30, 2008

10/30/08 4!

A birthday song for Cousin Remi -- coming from an unexpected source. He worked hard practicing this!

4 is great! I wonder what it's like knowing that your youngest is headed to kindergarten next year. Seems so far away and so close at the same time. Happy Birthday Remi!

Oh, painful, painful. I thought we were all set on the kitchen niche design, but apparently some of the accents I/we picked are too Italian-Villa style, cute as they are.

What do I know for style? And do I have the nerve to stand up to people I'm depending on making this all look right, and who do know about style? Can I insist on sticking to something wrong? Nope, I don't have the b*lls. Those accents aren't Craftsman-y, to be sure.

So, back to the tile store again today, with patient Anna the kitchen designer. All I had in mind was a simple design for the arched niche above the cooktop, a focal point, without a specific bullseye, but nothing fancy or concrete. This should take 10 minutes! But not when I'm on the job. Nope, it gets turned and twisted and mangled into a 2-hour ordeal, and in the end, the poor kitchen designer is more confused than I am.

At least these are the colors we'll use (not the darker rectangles or the (sniff) carved ones); just the olive green and the lighter cream color.

And I'm supposed to deliver all the tile choices and layouts tomorrow. The pressure to deliver the many overdue and outstanding choices is intense -- I'm in genuine peril of holding up the project. But tomorrow is Halloween. I have two costume parades to attend, and I'm not missing those under any circumstances.


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MommaWriter said...

Oh, I wish i could say the same about the costume parades! Mam even has a concert this morning. But after being up all night puking...I think attendance at anything today (including the class party I organized) is going to be out of the question... I'm so bummed...