Monday, October 27, 2008

10/27/08 Radio News

Driving to pick up Julian and Katrina this afternoon, I heard an NPR story about a stabbing victim in an Angolan jail. Gabriel was horrified: "Oh my GOD! He didn't live past 23?!" I thought OK, he has to know about bad things at some point in his life, and tried to explain the story to him in soft terms. The idea that someone would kill someone else on purpose was a new one to him. As usual, he took it in stride.

The next story was about Jennifer Hudson's nephew's body found in an SUV. I squirmed. Maybe this is just a headline. "He was found shot along with his...." OK, not liking where this is going "...her nephew Julian was 7 years ol...." CHRIST! Stop already!

Music time.


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