Friday, October 31, 2008

10/31/08 Halloween!!

Despite feeling intense pressure to complete many remodeling tasks, I was not going to miss Julian or Gabriel's class Halloween parties or parades today.

First, Julian's class party. Allison didn't seem to mind having this ball bonked on her forehead.

The whole (pre!)school gathered together to perform several songs. I was impressed, the teachers did a great job preparing them. From the outside, this seems so hokey, but when your kid is in there, it's the most adorable thing you've ever seen.

(Julian is all the way on the left.)

I stayed as long as I could before dashing off for our weekly jobsite meeting.

I wasn't going to be late to Gabriel's party! I arrived just as the boys were done changing in the neighboring 2nd-grade classroom, as the 2nd-grade girls changed in Gabriel's room.

I'm happy to report that by first grade, the plethora of princesses gives way to witches and other characters, only for the boys to take over with single-minded costume ideas. All five of these Spidermen are in Gabriel's class.

This girl unwittingly demonstrates Gabriel's lack of stature in his class. So far, he doesn't seem to notice, even if she does stand a full head taller.

The scene at the school: grades 1-5 do a costume parade. Gabriel is on the right of the leftmost blue post, with the tall girl behind him.

I just couldn't seem to get a photo of him without this girl in it. She was always right behind him. Hmmm....

And again.

I took Gabriel with me from school, then to a bookstore where he picked out a few books to read while I ordered bathroom vanities. He picked out two Captain Underpants books, and had his nose buried for hours in them. Not a peep from him while I ordered three bathroom vanities, then re-ordered one when I discovered a too-long lead time.

The boys love Captain Underpants books, though I'm not crazy about all the dinner-table potty-talk it motivates. Is this a boy thing? Are there any girls into Captain Underpants? I sort of have my answer, as little sister immediately demanded Gabriel hand over the book when she saw it, and cried and screamed angrily in protest for about 10 minutes in the car. 10 very loooonnnnng minutes.

Then of course, the BIG payoff: trick-or-treating! Our borrowed neighborhood was buzzing with groups of trick-or-treaters and numerous houses lit with Halloween decorations and friendly neighbors. Our home neighborhood, on the other hand, is like a graveyard around Halloween time. Hmm, which one has that right?

Katrina lasted for exactly one house, which unfortunately had an attractive fountain, and she "expressed" her Opinion, with the usual vociferous vocals and my refreshed football-hold skills, about abandoning the gurgly little pond. Fortunately, we were only a few steps from home, where I unceremoniously dumped her on Dad, who was manning our rapidly emptying Halloween candy giveaway basket. Then the boys and I methodically cleaned out the rest of our neighbors.

This Halloween was a very welcome break from the stress and pressure of keeping our project on track. And the best-kept secret in the scrapbooking world is that Halloween is the most fun event of the year to scrapbook. I'm not missing this one!



MamaB said...

Gina likes Captain Underpants too.

mommieN. said...

She doesn't count! :)