Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10/28/08 All remodeling, all the time

It's staggering. SO much time is needed -- even if I took two weeks off work, I couldn't get everything done that needs to be in order to prevent delaying the project.

As it is, I just discovered that a nasty old aluminum window we'd decided to replace got put back because I hadn't ordered a new one, it fell off my radar entirely. And we haven't even found what sort of door/window to replace the dining room door with.

The living room fireplace has been demolished! Now I have to pick a slab (granite, maybe!) for the seat, and some sort of tile to go around it. We'll have a cabinetmaker make a mantle and some shallow built-in bookshelves along the sides.

Insulation is up - we have walls! They're fuzzy but do an amazing job of changing the feel and sound of the house completely.

Picking tile is such a guilty pleasure -- there's so much beautiful stuff to be had, so many gorgeous colors and textures and patterns. I'm not sure I can pass up this cute swirly design around the family room fireplace (not the living room fireplace in the photo above).

Katrina...unbelievable. She's been lasting a lot longer when we get home now, so more and more her dinnertime has overlapped with everyone else's -- a terrific trend. More and more she rejects her old standby foods, but she's just started to demand -- not request, but DEMAND -- food she sees on my plate. Fine with me! Today it was cauliflower. She'd point to it and ask again and again and again, then when I'd put the fork up to her mouth, she'd push it away, deeply offended, and venomously spit out, "DON'T LIKE THAT! DON'T LIKE THAT!!" Then she'd demand it again, and we'd go right back around. In the end, she did eat a few bites of it, a big step. I don't know what goes through her head, but I do admire the little bugger's spirit. When she doesn't look like she's about to pop a vein, that is.


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