Sunday, November 16, 2008

11/16/08 Eating Disorder

Arrgggh....Katrina! Feeding her has become nothing short of an ordeal. All she wants is treats or breakfast things. A typical dinner scene, as it was tonight:

Surrounded by food she often has liked, refusing everything, outraged to tears by the offers. Even homemade pizza that her brothers made was met with a fresh round of mortified screams. A banana finally ended the impasse. She lives on bananas and yogurt.

Aside from dinner, we had lots of nice time together today, starting with Dylan's birthday party. The boys came too, despite misgivings. They had a great time running around playing soccer, though Gabriel doesn't get it that Gina and Andrew really play soccer and know the rules.

It was unseasonably warm today -- T-shirt and shorts weather.

Two! He doesn't look so Terrible.

Katrina mostly ate grapes and chips. Ah well, I guess she won't be the first toddler to get through the 2s without vegetables. It's really not so much the food itself as the fight and the fit and the fury at the offers.

I like it when she asks me: "Let's play Boing!" This is a game I made up, in which we hop down the hall like frogs saying "boing! boing!" and sometimes I stand up and make a tunnel that she can hop under. We both laugh a lot, and it easily morphs into other games, usually involving chasing or wrestling, and always with me on floor in one form or another. (Note to self: clean carpets soon!)

As much as she drives me crazy, I miss her more and more as my spare time, thoughts and energy are funneled into choosing light fixtures and finding bathroom countertops. It really hit me last night: I want to go home. I want to bring my children home.


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