Monday, November 17, 2008

11/17/08 Learning Day

I learned a lot today about how granite countertops for bathrooms are installed and edged. More than I wanted to know.

Far more interesting was my lesson in astronomy:

"We're in a solar system! It's in a gaLAG-sie."
"Saturn's rings are made out of ice and iron!"

from my little scientist. (Iron?)

For some reason, Gabriel quizzed Julian in the car on the way home, "What's 39 plus 61?" He pushed hard, but Julian just didn't know. Then again, later, Gabriel needed help coming up with the answer to how much water I'd need if I made one-and-a-half cups of rice next time. Katrina finally ate some rice tonight, hence the context for needing to make more rice!

Baths are supposed to be calming before bed, right? (Only the first 8 seconds are worth it....anyone know a good *free* AVI editor?)

Katrina came into the kitchen tonight holding her Mimi (her satin sucking blanket that's really just a pillow cover) up to her chest, announcing, "I wear a dress!" Now if that's not pre-programmed genetic Girl, I don't know what is. She doesn't have any dresses that fit her and are in season right now, and it's not like she gets the idea from seeing me.

Poor thing has a little cold; a runny nose and a slight cough. Still, she chatted happily -- and loudly -- to herself before falling asleep tonight. We could hear her clear across the house shouting "SHI-MA-SEI!". That's Japanese for "Welcome!"...we think. At least that's what they say to greet use at our favorite Japanese restaurant. Then again, the manager and all the waitresses are Chinese.

Thank goodness, Gabriel's homework has been much easier these past few weeks. Much less open-ended, plain old worksheets for his daily math -- we're down to the recommended 10-15 minutes now. A huge relief. And it's not compromising his learning one bit.


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