Saturday, November 22, 2008

11/22/08 Brothers and sisters

Julian...drove me crazy today constantly bugging Katrina! Or rather, Katrina's screaming during their play -- much of which was very happy together today -- drove me crazy.

Katrina screams a lot playing with Julian -- sometimes for fun, often to protest something, other times because she's had enough of him, and still other times because he's had enough of her and has closed himself in his room, and she wants him to come out! And, of course, she just screams. That's just her way.

I loved hearing them play together when she wasn't screaming though -- lots of laughing, making up games, returning to well-established games they've already made up together. This is a new side of Julian's play I've never seen before, as most of his play has been with an older sibling. He really does play with Katrina, coming down to her level and playing toddler games. Gabriel really never made allowances for Julian's being younger -- he still doesn't!

Gabriel was off with Dad most of the morning, but when he returned, he went to the family room to read. While I was in the kitchen with Katrina for lunch, I caught this scene of the boys.

They weren't playing together, and they each had the whole house to do their own thing in...but still they sat right next to each other, almost back-to-back. This is the amazing thing about just don't do this sort of thing with anyone else.


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