Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18/08 Shades of white

Today's remodeling emergency was an email from the painter: "The trim color you chose is Trail Dust, right? Just confirming, I'm buying it tomorrow."

No, Trail Dust just happened to be on a color card that happened to get taped to the wall. It's gray. It's really dangerous leaving stuff taped to walls!

So I sent a quick email to our architect/designer, then hurried to the paint store to get a sample of "Cream Froth." Looks lighter than we'd had in mind, quick call again, then walk around the paint store on my cell phone discussing the finer points of pink and yellow undertones. Fortunately we hit upon "Calming Cream" -- the perfect shade of white.

I'm quite certain if I'd witnessed this scene, of a woman in a paint store frantically pulling paint cards out, shouting into a cell phone about shades of white, I'd have rolled my eyes in contempt. I'd never do that! Uh-huh. It's just white!

I've been told by Dave and the painter that our house is now primed, and the primer is tinted with the dark greenish color we've chosen. The caution in their voices concerns me. Apparently it looks very, very, VERY different. It's no longer a shade of white.

My efforts to save money on granite may have paid off -- instead of $1000 each for two bathroom countertops, I've found a place that will do both for $900.

Now I just have to decide on the right shade of white.


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