Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12/16/08 The life cycle

Tonight I got a call from a long-lost friend -- not mine, but one of Dave's. Actually, the wife of Dave's childhood friend Michael, and the daughter-in-law of Michael's parents, who'd mentored Dave in high school. Both just died, the father today. On top of it, Michael's brother died earlier this year. A devastating time for that family. Dave is Dallas on business, and the kids were scaring up an unbelievable racket, so I couldn't talk long.

I pondered this news for a few moments as I skittered around the kitchen, trying not to ruin anything while serving Katrina's every whim and demand. Five minutes later, the phone rang again. A pregnant friend had her baby today!

It's very rare to get phone calls in the evening. But to get one about death immediately followed by one about birth is an eerie coincidence.


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