Saturday, December 20, 2008

12/20/08 Light Show

Silicon Valley might not have snow for Christmas (usually), but we do have some really creative people who take their Christmas lights very seriously. Or not seriously at all, as these folks appear to have terrific fun with it. Two houses next to each other set up some serious lights, and then broadcast music over a radio frequency, and you can enjoy the lights moving around along with Christmas music. Their Web site is also very interesting and entertaining: synchronized music-light show.

We went last year, but Katrina was young and grumpy and rear-facing and couldn't see the lights from the car. So I took the kids tonight after dinner, and this time they could all see it. The boys' jaws were dropped, they were fascinated and thrilled.

The music you hear is on my car radio. That's Katrina in the background making some or other comment.

One thing about this single-parentness -- the kids spend a lot more time all together. I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not yet. Dave will return Monday night. That's definitly a good thing.


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MommaWriter said...

I know just where that is. We had to drag the kids away from there last week! They particularly like the "snow" in the righthhand driveway.