Friday, December 19, 2008

12/19/08 Parties

A day of class parties!

Even though I take Fridays off work to handle remodeling things, I turned down an offer to have a countertop installed today (instead of Monday when I'll have to take off work), because both boys' classes had holiday parties today. Some things are just too important.

I was surprised at how few moms attended Gabriel's class party. Burnout, perhaps. The very very active "room moms" organized an adorable craft, in which kids decorate a "tree" made out of an ice-cream-cone turned upside down onto a bed of "snow" (frosting), smear green frosting on the tree, and then stick "ornaments" (candy) on it. I wound up helping lots of the kids with this, and I had a great time. I really like interacting with the other kids and talking to them, and finding little ways of making them laugh or smile. They all call me "Gabriel's Mom" (ironically I have one of the hardest Mom names to pronounce) and I love that.

It's always interesting to see how different kids go about creative tasks. Many have real artistic bents, never Gabriel's strength. So I was very surprised that one of my favorites was Gabriel's. It was certainly the neatest, and that's saying a lot, since the frosting medium doesn't lend itself well to precise work.

Gabriel's class and teacher. There are two other Caucasian faces in his class, but don't be fooled, those two are more foreign than most of the others, with parents recently immigrated from Quebec and Finland. Only in Cupertino!

Next, on to Julian's school party. They start with a surprisingly well-run school-wide set of group songs. Not easy to get this many kids to stand and sing and gesture together! The teachers do a great job preparing the kids.

It was difficult to get pictures, but I couldn't resist snapping even a crummy one from a distance. Julian is very sincere about his group singing.

Then the party part. The kids had fruit and lots of cookies and a candy cane.

Gabriel scammed himself a spot at the table and started chowing down the sweets.

It must be the red shirts, but I got asked again a question I get asked with surprisingly frequency, "Are they twins?"

At the last party, Julian was the last one left at the table. This dubious distinction was met by another Doudna family representative this time!

Tonight we all drove Dave to the airport, to head for the Midwest to attend a funeral in Illinois. "Ill-ANNOY?!" Katrina asked sincerely, not realizing she was making a pretty good joke. Especially given the news from that state these days.

So I get to play single parent until Monday night. That means streamlining operations around here. One bath fits all.

Fortunately, I had some help with the washing duties.

After putting the brood to bed, I went online and bought a toilet paper holder on eBay, saving $30 to $60, depending on what you believe about its actual original price. That's what my grownup time has come to, shopping for bathroom accessories. My kid time helping first-graders spread frosting was far more rewarding.


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