Thursday, December 18, 2008

12/18/08 The Apple of my....what?!

This evening when the kids got home, Gabriel inexplicably opened his lunch bag, and started eating his leftover lunch. Normally I don't allow any snacks before dinner, even fruit, but he got a hold of it before I saw, and it wasn't worth the fight.

And then it started another one. Katrina saw Gabriel's apple and started one of her usual insistent fits. Nothing else would do. She had to have an apple.

Well, the boys might be old enough to relax that no-snack rule, but Katrina's too young to enforce it, so I gave her a small apple, just to calm her. I wasn't about to take on apple fights with both my fighters!

I've never handed her a solid piece of fruit before, so I was surprised when she tackled the apple with aplomb. She applied her laser-focus and tiny baby teeth and buzzed through it like a caterpillar on a leaf.

A few minutes later, I was shocked to see her hold up -- a stem. A stem! That's all that was left! I've never seen anyone do such a job on an apple before!

I guess I'm done cutting up fruit.


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