Sunday, July 05, 2009

7/5/09 Work day, sort of

Remaining boxes to unpack, office things to organize, landscaping out of control, shelves left to hang...each got a little attention today. I want to gush and love this house, but all I see is work and unfinished things.

I had a nice afternoon outside pulling weeds with Katrina, who threw herself whole-heartedly into the job of putting brush into a big bucket. This is the first time I've really been able to be productive outside with her there, and it was truly fun, having her keep me company, constantly chatting and making cute comments ("we're working hard, Mommy!").

Unfortunately, that was during what should have been a nap. By 3:30, we figured it was too late, and she'd go to bed early. And she did all right, sneaking up to her room as I was giving the boys dinner at 6pm, curling up and falling asleep on her bed. Without a Pull-Up. So it was an evening of a grumpy toddler, not one bite of dinner, and a lot of laundry.

And, the goal I've had above all else was met today: my scrapbooking stuff is unpacked, arranged, sorted, and ready to go!


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