Thursday, July 09, 2009

7/9/09 Water Day

Today during Julian's daycamp, I met up with some friends and took Katrina to a park that has some water play, which we haven't done since she was a baby. Her first time in a real swimsuit, I'm ashamed to say! She was interested, but hesitant; and there was a nip in the wind and I'm sure the water was cold. Still, the 15 minutes she spent in the water area was picture-worthy, even for my low standards.

Gabriel had a great time in Lego camp today, making a Lego "bomb," and Julian again declared how much he LOOOOVES daycamp. I feel bad, this is the only daycamp Julian is doing this summer, though the CDC is still a fun new experience for him and there's no dearth of stuff to do. But I certainly am enjoying this schedule, of having just Katrina to myself in the morning, when she's at her delightful best, then Julian at daycamp and a nice quiet afternoon at home together, and then the usual injection of energy and chaos when Gabriel rejoins the mix.


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